19U Girls Team Travel to Rochester, NY


This team has the widest age range, from 14-18 years old... but you would never guess it when you watch them play on and off the ice.  The group just got home last night from Rochester, NY, where they played in the Fire on Ice tournament (largest girls tournament in the US), and ended in the top half of all teams!  They beat the eventual tournament champion Ottawa Valley in their first game with 1.3 seconds left on the clock, beat a Maryland team 7-0 that night, and the next day, bounced back from a heartbreaking loss with 4 seconds to go to the #15 team in the country, only to rematch that night in the playoffs and win 2-1.  The team also visited 3 college campuses during the trip.  Each week with myself, coach Trevor, coach Blake and coach Jamie, they work on a combination of basic skills, conditioning, regroup, zone entry, breakout, angling, forecheck, etc.  Their next girls opponent will be at the end of the month in Lakewood. The 19U Girls team is currently ranked 19 out of 95 teams in the USA! Way to go team!